Why do I still feel stuck when the past is over?

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Consult With Monique 

Healing from Trauma can feel complex and overwhelming at times.

So many questions. So many modalities. Is there any healing to be found? Where does one begin?

Sometimes you just want a safe space talk about the healing journey.


Meet virtually with Monique 

45 min $150 USD

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What People are Saying

“After trauma the world is experienced with a different nervous system that has an altered perception of risk and safety.”



Frequently Asked Questions


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Is this therapy?

Coaching is not therapy or mental health counselling. Many of my clients are working with a therapist and coach with me at the same time. Or they may use trauma-informed coaching as part of their healing journey. With my own recovery journey, I have worked with therapists and coaches and have found both to be very valuable.

Where do we meet?

All meetings are virtual through Zoom, Facetime, Messenger.

How is payment made?

Payment is in USD and is made through Paypal.

Do you accept Insurance?

No, insurance companies do not cover Coaching Services.