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Meet Monique

Monique Koven, Trauma Coach

I get it. I really do.

I could not wait until childhood was finally over and I could live free and away from the terror and dread that I experienced in my childhood and teenage years. It was only to realize that it felt like I had not really escaped my childhood after all.

The feelings, sensations, patterns, responses, and stuckness were still very much alive and present in my body and affecting my life. I did not understand this because everything on the outside appeared well. I had a career I loved, a beautiful family of my own, and a great community of friends. But, inside I often felt stuck in responses and sensations that made little to no sense.

The good news is that today we recognize that trauma is so much more than a past memory or an event. We know that it can leave a trauma imprint on the nervous system. 

This is my passion today. To support you to become informed and empowered and begin to regulate your nervous system so you can get unstuck, and become more present towards the things that you are wanting most in life.

You Are Not Broken.

You Make Sense.


I obtained my B.S.W degree from McGill University in Montreal and worked in a variety of social service and community settings.

  • Individual and group facilitator in Mental Health in both community and private settings.
  • Individual and Group Work with Holocaust Survivors and their families.
  • Individual and Group Work with Survivors of Childhood Trauma
Monique Koven at work
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Professional Training and Certifications

  • Professional Training with Deb Dana Foundations Of Polyvagal Informed Practice with The Polyvagal Institute

  • Professional Training with Dr. Janina Fisher, Healing The Fragmented Selves Of Trauma Survivors ( specific training to treat Complex Trauma ) Part’s Work /Trauma Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST)

  • Certified Trauma Integration Practitioner Training with The Attachment and Trauma Treatment Center For Healing, St. Catharine’s, Ontario

  • Trauma Recovery Certification with The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching

  • Certification in Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies
  • Strategies for Healing Trauma Following Domestic Violence Training

  • The Use of Self Compassion and Emotional Nurturance to Enhance Therapy and Promote Awareness and Agency Training

  • Attended Congress Attachment and Neurobiology of Healing 3 Day Conference, New York City
  • Complex Trauma Symposium with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk -McGill University, Montreal

  • Healing The Wounds Of Attachment Dysregulation In Adulthood Training

  • Mindfulness, Neurofeedback, and Trauma Therapy Training with Dr. Paul Frewan

  • Dissociation and The Body Training With Pat Ogden

  • Phase Based Clinical Applications To Promote Healing and Integration Of Trauma and Attachment Dysregulation Training

  • Healing Trauma Course with Dr. Peter Levine

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