Why do I still feel stuck when the past is over?


If you have been to talk therapy or tried all the programs, read all the books and still feel stuck, that’s not because something is wrong with you. 

My approach focuses at the root level, so instead of trying to “think” your way out of survival responses, you will become attuned to your body and have tools that actually work to support you into feeling safe and connected to yourself, others and your truth. 


Somatic & Trauma Healing Support With Monique

There are a few ways to work together.


12 Week Container


8 Week Container



6 Week Container


A single session

Monique Koven coaching

1:1  Coaching With Monique



This is a 8 week package and is my most popular offering.

Informed in Polyvagal & Nervous System Regulation, Somatic Experiencing and Inner Relational Focusing. 

You will practice a gentle way to be with your “felt sense” in a safe and supportive way. 

 What’s included in the 8 week Container?

  • 8 weekly Individual
  • 50-min Coaching Sessions (@ $2,000 USD)
  •  Monthly Payment Plan available

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Trauma disconnects you from living a full and embodied life. In order to feel safe from the charge and activation of threat, you leave your body and live in and from your head. 

Our work together will support you back into a connection with your felt sense. You will learn how to relate to your experiences instead of being engulfed in them. You will begin to gently come back into a relationship with your internal home, your body.

Our time is a beautiful blend of compassionate relating and the practice and learning of ways to increase your sense of safety and agency.


 Trauma Healing & Somatic Coaching 

  • Psycho and somatic education to help you understand how your patterns become stuck in trauma. 
  • Begin to recognize, identify and expand your internal and external resources which create a sense of felt sense safety.
  • Personalized Polyvagal mapping to understand the very workings of your own nervous system
  • Practice finding somatic safety in the body when you are activated.
  • You will be introduced to gentle practices to support you in your capacity yo be with feelings and sensations.
  • Supporting internal regulation 
  • Embodied Somatic boundaries
  • Empowerment
  • Somatic Part’s work
  • Becoming The Compassionate Witness To Your Younger Parts
  • Somatic and Regulating Tools and Practices that help to reshape and soothe your nervous system to support you to feel more calm and present.
  • Support to widen your capacity and window of tolerance through Titration and Pendulation
  • and more.



Meet with Monique for an online virtual consultation.

Schedule a 30-minute Consultation (@ $130.00 USD) with Monique to ask any questions you may have and to see if this work feels right for you.

 **Please note that there is the option to continue working together once the container has been completed. Many of my clients stay on for continual support.


Other Packages

COACHING – 12 Week Container

  • 12 Sessions (@ $3,000 USD)
  • 50 minutes per session
  • Twelve (12) 1:1 Personalized Coaching 
  • Support & Resources specific for your needs
  •  option to continue after 12 weeks.

COACHING – 6 Week Container

  •  6 Session (@$1,500 USD)
  • Condensed version of the 12 week container
  • 50 minutes per session
  • Six (6) 1:1 Personalized Coaching 
  • Support & Resources specific for your needs
  • Option to continue after 6 weeks.

 All Packages expire after 60 days.


Book A Single Session with Monique 

This space is a 60 minute session designed for those who may not be ready for a longer term container. It can also be used as a way to get a better feel of whether you may like to work together.

It can go however you would like it to go. Bring your questions and know that you will be held in a safe container of time.

@1 Session (@$250.00 USD)





What People are Saying

“After trauma the world is experienced with a different nervous system that has an altered perception of risk and safety.”



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

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What can I expect from my consultation?

 A safe and compassionate space.

During our consultation, I’ll spend some time getting to know you to find out where you are on your journey and what areas you feel stuck in. Gathering this information helps to get a more accurate picture of where you are today. A consult is also a good way of seeing if coaching could be helpful.

Is this therapy?

Coaching is not therapy or mental health counselling. Many of my clients are working with a therapist and coach with me at the same time. Or they may use trauma-informed coaching as part of their healing journey. With my own recovery journey, I have worked with therapists and coaches and have found both to be very valuable.

Where do we meet?

All meetings are virtual through Zoom, Facetime, Messenger.

How is payment made?

Payment is in USD and is made through Paypal.

Do you accept Insurance?

No, insurance companies do not cover Coaching Services.