I felt stuck, broken. Feeling like I would always struggle with the events in my past brought on by others that I had no control over. I grew up feeling responsible for what happened. This feeling of being stuck and that I would always struggle with my past interfered with my relationships with my husband and adult children. Praise God, because He led me to Monique. I never heard that childhood trauma could result in my body making changes to help me through the mess I lived through as a child, adolescent and young adult. Monique has helped me learn to befriend my nervous system and given me the skills to communicate with it and calm the fear. She has been my compassionate witness and proved a safe space for my experiences. I no longer carry the burden of being stuck! I see myself as whole, a survivor, strong, and safe. I thank God that He designed my body to protect me and I thank Monique for sharing her life, knowledge and skill to help people like me understand why I think, feel, act and react the way I do. I now know how to communicate with that part of myself. I am forever thankful.