I have been able to take a couple group classes with Monique and they were life changing for me. I learned about the Polyvagal theory. I have had complex ptsd and learning the vocabulary for how I feel and seeing how the feelings I struggle with daily do not mean that I am broken, just that my nervous system is freaked out by abuse and seeing so many things as threats in an effort to protect me. I went from ignoring my body to listening to it and working with it. Gaining that acceptance has been key for me. Now I have tools to recognize what is going on in my body and have ways to bring it back to regulation instead of full blown panic attacks. I have also had an active listening class and have been leaning about self compassion and listening to others to reflect compassions and not trying to constantly “fix” then. That’s also been huge for me. I find have not had much compassion for myself and now I do. Monique is calm and knowledgeable in her presentation. She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and reflects back that what we say is important. I cannot more highly recommend Monique’s group work.