Podcast Listener 6

I’m a big fan of this podcast! I suffered from a physical attack in 2005 and TBI from cracking my skull open in 2012. I listen to the podcast when I walk before work. I recently discovered that I have CPTSD and for years I would freeze or just go into flight mode to get away from the death causing fears that weren’t even there. I ended up checking myself into a trauma hospital and working with trauma doctors for the first time. Monique’s podcast is the the best PTSD show that I have found.

Podcast Listener 5

Excellent bite size nuggets of information. This podcast is very encouraging and helps to take complex information and break it down for trauma survivors.

Podcast Listener 4

Life changing! As someone who has lived with CPTSD all my life but didn’t know it until recently, discovering Monique’s podcast was truly life changing. She provides so much wisdom and hope that recovery is possible. I’ve learned so much from her teachings and I’m healing each and every day.

Podcast Listener 3

This podcast is a blessing. I am so glad I found this podcast, it is beyond helpful to hear Monique’s positive thoughts on some of the subjects I feel I struggle with most.

Podcast Listener 2

Monique approaches a sensitive subject area with so much warmth and compassion. Her message is supportive and encouraging without being coddling. I know many many people that have learned and made amazing progress with Monique. I cannot recommend her podcast highly enough!