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This 1.5-hour workshop Psychologist and Trauma Therapist Dr. Ingrid Clayton

Self Gaslighting Workshop

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About this Workshop

This workshop will help you identify less with our trauma and more with our True Self

Complex trauma as it relates to growing up with a narcissistic parent or step-parent can be difficult to identify because the psychological abuse is often hidden. Without bruises or more obvious markers, many survivors minimize their past without realizing they are minimizing their symptoms of a traumatized nervous system at the same time.

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In this webinar, you will:

1. Develop a deeper understanding of how trauma from a narcissistic parent can manifest.

2. Discuss gaslighting, a form of emotional abuse where the narcissist uses manipulation and minimization to make someone question their reality.

3. Identify how self-gaslighting may have taken root in your own nervous system.

4. Practice somatic methods of regulating your nervous system.

5. Explore an experiential exercise to identify more with your true self and less with your trauma.

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